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In a small town, lost among dark forests and cosy cottages, there lived a lonely man named Jack. His house stood at the very edge of the village, surrounded by tall trees, creating a sense of a forgotten time.

Since moving into this house, rumours began to circulate about strange noises coming from the house at night. Neighbours claimed that they could hear moans and whispers, as if ghosts owned Nikolai’s house. None of the brave men dared to come closer and knock on his door.

One cold autumn evening, one daring young girl named Kris decided to investigate the mystery of Nikolai’s house. Taking her lamp and her courage, she approached the house, where flickering candles glowed dimly in the windows.

In a moment she heard footsteps outside the door and a terrible voice whispering her name. The girl shuddered, but despite her fear, she knocked determinedly. The door creaked open and a man in old-fashioned clothes with a grim look opened before her.

Jack told her his tragic story. Years ago, his family had died in an unexplained tragedy, and now he communed with their souls, trying to find comfort and release from guilt.

Though Nicholas’ home remained a place of secrets and shadows, Kris decided to support this lonely man. Over time, the town began to see him not as a mysterious creature, but as a man lost in the darkness of his own memories. So the scary story turned out to be the story not of a sinister ghost, but of a man lost in his own past.


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